Hello all,

A group I play with called "Nathan Mackowiak and the Cosmic Debris" recorded an album this past summer and I've just created a UG band page for us. No one outside of our friends have really listened to it, and we were hoping to get some outside feedback from other musicians (and maybe even expand a little bit online).

The band page is here: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/cosmicnate/

Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi there,

Really liked The Fro and Broken Hands.

I think the singer's voice is better suited to moving quickly, not sure he had enough vocal control for all of the longer notes but it really worked on the Fro (He would probably really benefit from strengthening his diaphragm with some youtube exercises, would give his voice a lot more punch to it. Not being super-critical, just an observation!)

Also what did you use to record it? The last two tracks sound a lot more polished, the first three sound a bit flat. Maybe could benefit from increasing the stereo separation on the tracks to 'widen' the sound?

Cool sound overall, keep it up

Thanks for your comments; the singer is probably the one most critical of his own voice, I'll suggest to him the diaphragm exercises before the next album.
As for recording gear, we used a Boss Br-900 hard disk to record it all. The mics we had at our disposal were: 2 Shure Sm57s, 1 Akg Perception 220, and 2 Akg C1000s. Unfortunately, we could not yet afford a good pre-amp (but thats next on the list!). We were really learning about the recording process and experimenting with the sound as we went along, which is why the last two tracks on the main page sound better than the first three.

Thanks for checking it out!
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My last pay check was £0 working 0 hours. I can't believe how easy it was