i just sorta joined a band. the lead singer/songwriter is a friend of my dads and he needed a guitar player and i had nothing better to do so i tried out. i got it.

the problem is that while his songs are good, some are kinda cheesy and not so great. but whatever there are good songs there too. but honestly, some imo are too cheesy and i wouldnt want to perform them. right now theres only two songs like that so its not too bad.

the other problem which is the main problem is that some songs he sings pretty much monotone. not much variation in the melody at all. even when they go to the chorus there isnt enough of a change. i find a lot of his songs also have a very similar melody but in a different key and progression.

sometimes he seems like hes just stating the words. there isnt much inflection on the melody which for me is really what makes a song. and the songs arent bad. the groove is good, good progression, decent lyrics (for the non cheesy songs) but some of the singing could be greatly improved.

the thing is though, this guy has connections. he knows people in the industry and is even getting air play on the radio soon through one of these connections. this could actually be a big step for me starting a career in music, which i want. so i dont really want to say too much because this. plus, i just joined. but honestly, i think we could have a MUCH better chance at anything if we improved this singing issue. i dont want to be like "hey you should sing YOUR SONG like this instead" you know?

he seems open to change though. he was asking me to come up with new arrangements for his songs and suggest things right from the get go. but that was more towards the instrumental part. which is fine because honestly, im pretty good with coming up with new parts for a song and have a good ear for hearing where a song should go or where it could go. some songs i think could be improved by adding a bridge or something so im not too worried with those because he seems to be open to those ideas.

is there anyway i can suggest singing/melody ideas without seeming like a douche know-it-all? if it were me, i would be open to suggestions but at the end of the day, if its my song, its my call and obviously i have an idea of how i want it to be sung. im sure he feels the same way. honestly, im not even sure if i can fix this because its on a lot of songs. he just needs more inflection i think. i think maybe the problem might stem from him not really playing an instrument or knowing anything about music so maybe thats why a lot of the melodies sound similar?

anyway, CLIFF NOTES: in a new band, lead singer has good original songs but singing melodies need some work, dont know how to bring it up or if i should say anything at all.
Just say: Man, your songs are awesome and all, but I think they could sound even better if you actually learn to sing, mofo (lol, forget the last...) ... if you sing it this way or this other way.

Sing it for yourself and show him, if he doesn´t react, get in another band =)





Quote by Damaged Roses
Just say: Man, your songs are awesome and all, but I think they could sound even better if you actually learn to sing, mofo (lol, forget the last...) ... if you sing it this way or this other way.

Sing it for yourself and show him, if he doesn´t react, get in another band =)

i thought about singing it back to him actually. we are supposed to have a 1 on 1 session. he gave me like 5 or 6 CD's to listen to and see what i think of the songs and if i have any ideas on arrangements or whatever. dont get me wrong, some are good and dont need changing at all. some just maybe need a new progression. thats easy enough because he wants my ideas on that. but then there are some songs that have these recycled melodies and dont really change much from verse to chorus. i find his slower songs, ballads, and more country type songs are good. some of the blues/rock songs are just repetitive or cheesy.

i think the one on one session might be good though. at least i can see how open he is to ideas.
Hey, you're a bandmate. It sounds like this guy is open to positive, constructive suggestions and you should have no fear presenting them to him. If you're new, it'd likely be wise to tell him in a respectful manner with mind to his artistic intentions but you shouldn't have to worry too much; after all, the things you want to see improved don't sound like they'll cause conflict and only inspire the band to create a better sound.

Plus even if things don't work out in the end, you'll still probably get the opportunity to meet whoever his connections in the industry are. Couldn't hurt to acquaint yourself with them and create a few connections yourself.

To summarize, don't worry about it; things will work out. You have an opportunity, that's something many others in the industry don't.
the best thing you could do is sit him down and tell him exactly what you just told us. you didnt sound like an asshole at all and its blatently obvious its for the better of the entire band, not just for your own peace of mind. if hes serious about the future of the band hell listen. you wont sound like a douche unless you try to, trust me.

another thing that might help is holding band meetings as opposed to practice once in a while, no instruments, just brainstorming and problem-solving.