Hey whats up.
I was just wondering because im trying to do research and decide where i want to go.
I play guitar and is there any colleges or anything that aren't always for like an orchestra?
That are also GOOD.
Any questions feel free to ask.
totally inappropriate but also on topic. kinda.

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That's the thing though. What can you do to a group of people that believe if they abandon their cause they will burn in hell?

yeah imma troll

whatcha gon do bout it?
I don't really know much about the rest of the music program, but University of North Texas has a beast jazz department.
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Ha, not in Texas, but there are plenty of scenes to start a band up and start gigging and such, especially in Austin, there are so many musicians here it's not even funny, everybody and their mother are musicians here.

Yeah but im barely about to be 16.
So no car!
But yeah.
If i find anyone here its always "screamo"
North Texas, definitely.
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