alright guys. i've just received my new Ibanez RG350DX a few weeks ago. i was so hyped about it but once my guitar arrived i kinda lost my interest in playing guitar!!

lately i've been finding all sorts of reason to skip practice and i hardly even touch my guitar nowadays.

But to be frank, i am totally disappointed with my new Ibanez. when i got my guitar, it played well for the first day but the next day there was fret buzz on the first few frets of all six strings. then it got worst, practically there was buzz throughout the neck. But i got it setup-ed properly and now it plays way wayyy better but i don't seem to enjoy playing guitar anymore.

btw, if you are gonna bash me for purchasing a guitar with a terrible trem, or even shoot me for not doing my research on this guitar you are just wasting your time because i took about 6 months to find come up with this guitar and guitars in my country (Malaysia, never heard of it? its just right above Singapore.) are not cheap. imagine a Peavey Vypyr 15W retailed at 312 USD!

so, is it just me or its normal to feel that way?
any of you had ever experience this kinda thing before?
should i sell my Ibanez and get a new guitar?

i could really use another musician's advice here
and sorry for the long post and i apologize for my bad English.
If you're not interested in playing guitar anymore I don't see why you should replace it.. Just sell it and buy something else.

However, if you're not enjoying playing guitar on the particular guitar you currently have I'd suggest another brand with better quality.. (you pay 70% of the price of the guitar just for the fact it has Ibanez written on it.. **** it, grab a better one)
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Maybe it's not your thing? I'd keep it anyway, learn one song to impress women and never touch it again.
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Is this your first guitar or no?

Also it in tune?
Setup correctly?

this is my second guitar and i'm pretty sure it's in tune and setup-ed correctly.
It's an Ibanez. Every generic shredder and his mum plays one. That might have something to do with it.