So a locally owned music shop in my town put in a special order for a guitar for me. The guy said that they put the order in on September 22nd but doesn't really have a time frame for when it would actually get to the shop. He said that the company he ordered the guitar from ships out of Tennessee and it was being shipped via ground. So about how long do you think it'd get to California?

I'm more than likely posting in the wrong forum. But I'm just trying to get a ball park estimate.
I would assume 2 weeks, a month at most if something goes wrong. It would have taken me 2 weeks to get a guitar from new york all the way to the west coast of canada. So maximum 2 weeks if everything goes smooth, i'd assume.
I know this probably doesn't help but it depends on the distributor. I'd say anywhere from say... maybe three days to a week, assuming it's not a custom guitar.
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