So, I'm new to building my own guitars. I haven't started one yet, but I plan to soon. I've done a good bit of research on this, and I justwant to get some advice from real people, too.

Here's the plan:
Start off with a body blank. Paint it, polish it, and slap on the hardware.
After I've done a couple like that, I'll move on to cutting out the body myself, occassionally famous designs, occassionally my own.

Is that a good way to get started?

Also, any general advice you can give me to make my journey easier would be greatly appreciated!

I know I sound like a noob, because (in this area) I am lol.

Thanks for your time!
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you cut first
Wrong, you measure first.

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Wrong, you measure first.

Actually, I think it'd be a good idea to plan first...
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Actually I just wanted advice in general. I know how to get started lol.
I'm just looking for random little facts that you can only get from experience.

Thanks again (in advance)
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WEAR A HAT WHILE PAINTING. One drop of sweat on the wet paint=screwed.

Really? I wouln't have thought of that lol. Thanks.
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Wrong, you measure first.

incorrect, you measure about 50 times, THEN cut!
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In my opinion, in this order:

- Plan your body and headstock shape and your neck profile first, so you know how much wood to buy/use

- Choose the woods you want to use for the body and the neck/fretboard, any wood used will resonate with a different wood in a different way so really think about what they want to sound like!

- Plan all the usual aesthetic shit like the paintjob, fret markers, hardware etc etc etc

- Then for your pickup choice!

Pretty sure I've missed tons out, just saw this so I thought I'd have my input on the planning part
Painting before cutting/drilling/routing is a terrible idea. It would destroy the finish.

Study moar. I spent like 4 months reading and watching build threads before I even considered myself knowledgeable enough to start planning a build. You shouldn't start a build until you understand the qualities of the tonewoods you're looking at, understand pickup choice for best use with the guitar, understand potentiometer values, understand capacitor values, understand proper wiring, understand construction, understand different bridges, understand tuner options, and so on and so forth.

Read around the forums for this stuff, or else you'll start building without knowing much and you'll end up making like 20 threads asking how to wire a switch and how to file nut slots and how to level frets.
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