Well I'm hoping you guys can help. You see Saturday night me and a few friends were drinking. The problem is me and one other guy are 18. The others were not. Now trust me I see the idiocy in this, and you can trust me when I say I'm more responsible then that, but still. We got shitfaced. and I mean to the point I had blacked out. I did not drive with any alcohol in my system at all I can guarantee that because of the one guy who was sober and found me shitting in a bush...(not a great night) brought me to his house so I wouldn't go anywhere. Now, the next morning I wake up (the park is down the street from this house) and I go to the park. It was thrashed. By The other 18 year old and his two friends. The minors we're all gone, because I made sure one had a ride home, I walked one home, and the final one lived at the house I was going to, (it was his brother that got us). Now, I definitely know that I had nothing to do with that because the brother told me, when he got us the trash cans were still in the ground and everything seemed okay, but the three guys left, were still raging there. I'm simply worried that I drove the minors to a spot to drink, and then drank with them and being 18 was full aware of this, yet instead joined in rather then stopping it. Will I get in trouble by the authorities?

If you wanna laugh: I threw up on my best friends bed, 4 times in the bathroom and I shit my own pants really badly. You can tell because I had white boxers on before the night. At the end, they were brown. Also, There were three brothers. The one who helped me, the one who was already at the house and another who was at a friends. One of the brothers who was already at the house had called the brother who was with a friend and explained the situation. Conversation went as follows:

Brother 1: So yeah, he's here and he shit himself and he puked on himself. It was pretty gross.
Brother 2: Damn dude...where is he sleeping?
Brother 1: Your bed.
Brother 2: GOD DAMMIT!

I thought that was funny.

tl;dr: I got drunk with minors, I need to know if I can be prosecuted for it. I'd prefer NOT going to jail.
Well, do the police know about this?
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Dude. The minors aren't even in trouble. Stop being so damn paranoid.
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Yes you can.

And probably will.

Enjoy your prison rape.
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There apparently (or so it's rumored) there was an investigation about it. But the next morning me and the brothers went over to the park and cleaned everything up, even put the trash cans back.

I am a paranoid one, I'm sorry to say. D: