im a music major, auditioning to get into the performance program. I need to play 4 short classical pieces.

I like metal a lot so Ive been looking for dark ones. Im doing a carcassi caprice in d minor...anyone know of any other short classical stuff....preferably any etude by carcassi
Do some of the memorable parts of Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in Dm? Particularly the fugue with a clean guitar and letting it ring out.
Just a heads up; the people on the boards will probably want pieces with contrast between them, so try not to get too sucked into performing only the darker pieces.

I've attached a couple pieces below in GP4 format, which feature modulations, many technique workouts, theme and variation and a lot of room for dynamic and expressive contrast in the context they're in. You can pick and choose the sections you'd like to use.
If your fingerpicking chops are up to scratch, maybe check out some Lute Suites, too?

EDIT: Also, try to PM AeolianWolf if you have a chance. He hasn't been online for a while from what I've seen, but he knows his stuff, so try to get a hold of him.
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Im a classical guitar major...I dont believe they are looking for those kinds of pieces as listed above if you're auditioning for classical guitar; those are pieces for electric guitar...try some of these: Carcassi etude 7, Carcassi etude 2, Sor study in B minor, Villa Lobos Prelude 1, Bach Cello Suite 1, Villa Lobos Choros 1, Sor Variations on la Folia.

EDIT: Try to find Carcassi's 9th etude somewhere, that ones a really good audition piece.
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