Obviously slides are a very personal thing and there's no best, but I've been trying a bunch out, and was curious what everyone else's favorites were. So far mine is a dunlop 212, short length and 4mm thick walls, but I haven't gotten to try all that many. Soon I'll try making a real bottleneck and see how that works out.
any dunlop glass slide is good.
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I normally just use a run of the mill chrome slide...
If I've had a few, I'll use the empty bottle.
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I made my own slide out of a Coors long-neck bottle, personally i love it, its not easy to make, I went through at least 4 bottles tyying to get one to break right (the bottles were already empty of course, dont recommend playing with broken glass while intoxicated) but once you get it broken right and get the label off its good to go and sounds good IMO, plus its a good conversation starter

I also have a brass slide, i dont particularly care for the tone of it, its just too bright for my style of playing (Duane Allman, Gary Rossington)
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Dunlop's blues bottle is really nice.
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I was just about to make a topic about slides, so here is my question:

How much does the quality of the slide affect its usability? I got a $3 slide just to screw around with and it doesn't seem to want to stay on the strings. I get that crappy scratchy sound no matter how I try to keep it on there.

So does my slide suck, or do I suck?
I don't really use slides that much, but I've got a Dunlop 213, which I bought from Denmark Street a few years back.
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Just about anything glass. I think brass sounds waaaay too bright.
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i used to use a dunlop glass side....but a year or two ago, i got a joe perry boneyard slide as a gift. i started messing around with it and i really like the sounds i get.
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BigHeart Mojo medicine bottle. Exact copy of the old Coricidin bottles.

Usually, though, I use either a Dunlop brass or 3/4 size glass. I picked up a chrome slide a while ago, but it's too smooth and bassy for me.

The Mojo is the best slide I've ever used. If you really want to do it right, go to an old antique store and buy up some Coricidin bottles. They're really cheap and sound great.


Here's a clip of the Dunlop brass: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9778745/stratkeys.mp3

Here's a clip of the BigHeart Mojo: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9778745/TweakerSlide.mp3

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I use on that I made out of some pipe I found. Its not the ideal way, but it works for how much I use it.
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I had a bronze Dunlop slide, it was awesome. Great control, nice and heavy. I lost it somehow though. Now I have a glass slide, Dunlop too, don't really like it, it's too light and my finger has to much room if you know what I mean.

I had a real bottleneck but it shattered.
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Water slide.


IDK, I'm about to get a cigar box guitar for black metal slide. I will let you know then.
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Broken neck off a whisky bottle
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