is the dry signal i get from recording recording through my ux1 into reaper with do effects on the same as if i used a DI box?
ok i checked out the link but it doesnt really answer my question.let me try wording it different.

i am wanting to record just the dry signal from my guitar so i can tweek the tone later.Is a ux1 suitable for this or do i need something else?
if the ux1 has a similar driver to the podxt (which i use), then you can set the UX1 driver to playback a processed signal while you are recording, but only record a Dry guitar sound to the harddisk.

If the DI box has a usb port or some other kind of direct connection to the computer, it could be used to record, but it might be strange if you're recording distorted guitar parts with a clean playback sound.
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