This solo is for a song i'm currently writing. I used only sweeps and mostly arpeggios. I hope you like it and any criticism is appriciated, because thats the easiest way to improvement!

The Solo!
Sounds ok, but too repetitive... pretty much up and down arpeggios, add some bends and screams here and there, make some parts faster and others slower, to add some feeling to it.





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Cool dude! Very flashy arpeggios, loved the use of tapping!! Great timing too.. Would love to hear the whole song. Is it Cort you playing on?
You can check out my little shred here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1364347

Firstly, thank you!
I dont really know when i'll be done with the whole song but i can PM you then if u want. No, its not a Cort, the guitar is an ESP ltd f-500, one of my better guitars, and it was not to expansive either.