The guitar was above average, but his vocals are somewhat lacking, not bad though. I'd give it about a 6.5/10. Can't believe he's in a band though, I would never have expected that.
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I enjoy Fozzy.
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I enjoy Fozzy.

Yes, me as well.
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Guitars/instrumental is decent, vocals could do better for sure, sounds a bit like Ozzy (which is not a good thing imo!)


from wikipedia - Fozzy started out as Fozzy Osbourne, a play on the name of the singer Ozzy Osbourne and was a cover band assembled by Ward..<snip>

****, then it would sound like him :\
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eh use to like them, not into them at all now. ill still throw on the first 2 albums every once in a while though.
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don't let that song give you a fuzzy image of Fozzy.

Lo and behold, it gets worse:

That's just what I needed, a video about an amputee dragging himself up some stairs to watch someone fuck a girl he fancies, before throwing himself off a roof.
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Chris Jericho's vocals aren't THAT bad. Have you never heard the cover of 'The Evil That Men Do' on the All-Star Tribute to Iron Maiden album?

EDIT: Paul Gilbert did the Guitarwork on that cover, too :P
EDIT 2: Nevermind...just listened to that again after a long time, and his vocals aren't very good...

Anyway, I heard a few songs after looking them up back when I liked wrestling.
Not my cup of tea.
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