Hey everyone, so it's been a while since I purchased a guitar and I saw this rad looking 80's Hollywood Dean Z. I'm just curious if anyone can give me info as to what years, body styles, etc. are worthwhile from Dean. Also, I'd just like some opinions, past experience, any kind of insight on them. Also, how much roughly this 80's hollywood z might be worth. 'Preciate it!
I think the 80's still had Dean himself working. They're pretty good guitars. A lot of people on UG will see "Dean" and assume "Dime shit," but oh well.

I'd PM Flux'D. Actually, I've PM'd him before, and he was really helpful. He knows a lot about Dean guitars.
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Dean's U.S.A.-made guitars have always been good. If you can get an 80s model made when Dean was still running the company, so much the better. Stay away from the entry-level stuff. It isn't good in my experience.
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Ive got a Razorback 10,000 commemorative... built in 2008 I believe...
It is actually the guitar that has the lowest action for me, and they sound great IMO.
Although it is impractical live so the only REAL use for it is at home for fun or in the studio. It was a spontanious buy... more like.. $3500 retail and I got it for $1400 there and then (Australian Dollars that is)
Not too sure about the cheaper series although I have heard some bad things with the necks warping.