It is easy to complain about your day. Its even easier to just meander through it giving it absolutly no thought.

But just a few moments ago I stopped to imagine what the perfect day would be like for me. I really just couldn't do it. I mean sure, riding a dinosaur through New York City sounds cool and all, but realistically what would it be?

I finally decided that the perfect day is one where I am not afraid of anything. I do what I want and ignore whatever the results might be unless they are positive. Essentially it would be a day of self-confidence.

Which is why I have two things for you guys to do.

1. What would your perfect day be like?
2. Why haven't you done it yet? When will you do it?

This Saturday will be my day. First, my band found ourselves a drummer and it will be the first practice with him. (The rest of the guys have already played with him but I was absent for that meet and aparently he is the right man for the job). It is my town's art festival that everyone goes too. Inspired by my plans, I just asked my love interest to hang out there with me (I got a yes ). And afterwards, I am going to go get shitfaced with some guys I know.
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1. What would your perfect day be like?

Finally learning how to fly.

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2. Why haven't you done it yet? When will you do it?

I can't walk yet
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Snortin coke off a bitches tits while dipping cinnistix in her icing-stuffed vag.

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I wake up in the morning. 60 degrees out.

I make breakfast (eggs, toast, vegetarian sausage (meat substitute), etc.) and take a shower.

I put on my favorite jeans, favorite shirt (beige western pearl-button shirt) and favorite shoes (forest green converse) and turn on the TV. Spongebob episode is one. It's a good one.

Watch TV (The Office, Malcolm In The Middle, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.) until noon rolls around. BFFF calls me. "Sup, wanna hangout?" Me "Sure."

We go to Slick Willies. I dominate. We go into town to look for shit to do, and I run into Ellie Kemper, the new receptionist on The Office.

I talk with her about shit, and get her to hangout with me. I drop my friend off and go to the hotel where she's staying at. We make love for hours on end. I dominated even better than I did playing pool. Her orgasm scream brought true and utter peace to the universe for 4 seconds.

We get dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant.

After we're done, she says she wants to take me to this place where people chill and listen to live music. Usually downtempo and ambient. I go with her. It's 6 PM. We're there, and there's two surprise guests...Boards Of Canada.

After playing many new songs, as well as favorite of mine, people start requesting songs of "The Campfire Headphase" album. They can't simultaneously play guitar and work the electronic instruments, so I stand up and say "Gentlemen, I will play the guitar for you as it has never been played before"

They play "84 Pontiac Dream" and are impressed by my classical abilities and how I'm able to play the duo guitar parts simultaneously. They ask if I want to do work on their upcoming album. I say "Absolutely."

After a jam session and meeting with them, I take Ellie Kemper back to her hotel room. It's 10 PM. We make love until the sun comes up. What a sight. What a night....

Then I go home, and play The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess. Preferably one of the amazing Boss battles.

And that is my best day ever.
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Snortin coke off a bitches tits while dipping cinnistix in her icing-stuffed vag.


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That's the shittiest best day ever.
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The best day ever for me would have to be going to a San Francisco Giants playoff game. I've been to many before but never a playoff game. That to me would be the best day ever! I would go as soon as I could, but the drive to SF from where I live is about 3 hours And the Giants have yet to clinch a spot in the playoffs.
Being with ...someone.
why I haven't done it lately? almost 900 kilometers away, dude.
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I hope she stands you up and your drummer kills himself.

Not all love interests are female, bro.
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That's the shittiest best day ever.

No, its advertising.

*reported post*

DoomdEdit: Forgot about "my perfect day"

A large amount of weed, a moderate amount of shrooms, maybe a touch of ecstasy, and a very special someone. What we do together is insignificant (because we probably won't remember it anyways)

Without drugs: A day spent with that same special someone, just doing whatever we feel like doing.
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The best day ever for me would have to be going to a San Francisco Giants playoff game. I've been to many before but never a playoff game. That to me would be the best day ever! I would go as soon as I could, but the drive to SF from where I live is about 3 hours And the Giants have yet to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

that brings back horrible memories of the 2002 World Series.
I wake up at 6 AM.
Upon checking the mail, i find an admissions letter saying i've been accepted into either Rensselaer, GATech or USC. I rejoice!
Breakfast = waffles
It's fairly chilly out, i take a nice warm shower and go for a walk to the park, taking in the scenery and listening to a couple of my favourite albums.

I meet a few friends for lunch and a coupla beers, as we talk about good times at college and our plans for the future.
Spend all afternoon reading a nice book down at the coffee shop, maybe with a friend. (or that girl i like)
Go for band practice in the evening, where we end up composing one or two really good songs, and have that accomplished/satisfied feeling after.

Get back home and spend some time online, talk to friends/family, think happy thoughts about my life and the future, listen to more awesome music.
And maybe go for a concert at night....say, a Boris show. IF this really is my perfect day that is.

Why I havent done it yet:
All this needs atleast another 2 months to even be possible.
But this is pretty much how i plan to spend my last coupla weeks at home.

JacobtheMe....thank you for this thread!
I was feeling a bit down...and thinking about my perfect day actually cheered me right up.
The perfect day, for me, would be any day where I can feel blissfully childlike. Run around, rough my knees, not worry about judgement, and just have FUN. Friends would make it even better.

Why haven't I done it? Because it's hard to find a day when you're an adult.
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Wake up with cute girl in my bed. Find out she's madly in love with me. Make sweet sweet love for a few hours.

Smoke a bowl. A GOOD bowl.

Walk out of my bedroom to find vintage J bass and Ampeg full stack in my living room.

Peer out my peephole and see a multitude of my favorite musicians wanting to make with a tasty jam.

Between riffs, get a call saying that a rich relative I never new didn't die, but just wanted to bestow me with their lifes savings so they can go expirience "Hobo Life".

Go to lunch. Walk outside and find my shitty car replaced with a baby blue 67 Chevelle.

Whilst lunching, run into the entire cast of Twilight. Bludgeon them all with a chair.

Be awarded the key to the city for doing such a great justice to our world.

Meander home.

Smoke another bowl.

Make more love.

Play more bass.

Make love whilst playing bass.

The end.
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it would be a day of self-confidence.

This would be my perfect day. I would spend it with my best friends and we would be out and about all day doing whatever we wished, not caring about the consequences, then kick out a sweet guitar/ bass/ tuba/ violin/ sax/ vocals/ drums jam all night long.

Why hasnt it happened yet?
Because all the friends I mentioned are almost impossible to get together into an organized group.

When will it happen?
Ideally I will try and make it happen Summer of '11. The Summer of '10 was fantastic though. It involved everything that would be in my perfect day, just spread out over the course of the entire summer, rather than concentrated into one awesome day.

This is a great thread.
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Finally learning how to fly.

That's easy. There's a knack to it, you've just got to learn to throw yourself at the ground, and miss. Once you've got that down you're sorted.
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no school, no work, cold, overcast, no housework/homework/shopping to do, no people calling/around.

Sounds like my life a few years ago.

The perfect day for me would be one alone in the world being able to do anything, just the peace and quiet for one day. Then everything could go back to normal after that.
A cloudy Saturday. possibly raining or better yet, lightning. weather is generally cold and windy. i'd be outside the whole time, like right outside my house with my guitar. maybe i would just walk around aimlessly too. i'd hang around some of my favorite spots such as the railroad or the desert. with a camera for the lulz
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It's a cloudy Saturday morning. I wake up to my woman naked and all snuggled up. I lay there for a bit, she wakes up and we have passionate sexytimez. I turn on Sportscentre, watch a feature on the Leafs Habs game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals which predicts that the Leafs will win. I open my mouth to go "damn, I wish we had tickets" and the phone rings. It's Brian Burke, he has 2 tickets for me. More sex follows. I shower and walk in to my garage. My car has been replaced with a '71 Challenger. My woman and I go meet Elisha Cuthbert and a threesome ensues until 2 hours before the game. I go down to the MLG (was brought back, **** the ACC) and chirp the Habs fans until 7. The Leafs beat the Habs in the last 30 seconds of the 3rd period through a goal by Kadri. They invite me on the ice to lift the cup. I wake up 3 days later in a sketchy alley in Windsor.

That's the best day ever.
Today was pretty perfect, I had off work and spent all day hanging out with my best friend. We didn't really do anything all that exciting but it was great non the less.