I am selling a telecaster that I have had for quite some time now, and i'm not sure if i'm giving the buyer a good price or not. So im hoping I could get everyone's idea of a good price to sell it at.

So first off, its a standard, Mexican made tele. I have had it for a few years now, not really playing it. It has various cracks in the plastic coating of the body. The nut on the input jack has also been replaced since I have had the guitar, the guitar tech who replaced it did a horrible job, contributing the used look of the guitar. It had action adjustments done 2 or 3 months ago, it has a much better feel than it used to have now.

At this point, you can tell it is a used guitar, but it is still decent looking. It plays great, still sounds kind of rough from the single coil pickups though (i have been playing with humbuckers on my epiphone for the last few years, so maybe thats just how it sounds).

Any feedback will be appreciated. thanks
Probably somewhere between $200-$300
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You could probably find a buyer for 350 on craigslist, I sold one for that much recently but it was in pretty good condition, and I threw in a hard case. So based on your description I would say between $250 and $300 is probably what you could get for it.
if your american you could get like 180-220 depending on how good it looks

aussie could ask between 300-700 depending on how new and good looking
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Probably somewhere between $200-$300

I payed 250 for it used.

I am using USD... i think ill ask 200 for it. Sounds reasonable enough
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how much you pay for it?

oooops, meant to quote you originally when i said i payed 250 for it used
I bought my MIM Telecaster in 2007 for £320, sold it in 2010 for £320.
I bought my Epi Casino in 2009 for £420, sold it in 2010 for £420.

Maybe I was just lucky, but a guitar is worth what someone's gna pay for it.

On average though I see used guitar prices at about between 70-80% of the original purchase price. If they're very common it's slightly less, and if they're rare (or 'older ones are better') it's closer to 90%.