Hey, im thinking if buying EMG 81's and 85's off my mate for my Epiphone SG 310 and i was wondering what i would have to do in order to make the conversion.
Any help would be appreciated,
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definitely do it, cause those stock pups suck. Just have a guitar tech do it for you. You'll have to switch the pots and depending on the space, you may have cut out another space for the battery. I love blackouts though, had those installed 100% better than emgs. My guitar tech charged me $40 to install them.
Well, you can do it very easily depending on how much space you have in the control cavity. I replaced my stock pickups with EMGs and it all fits nicely in there. You might also have to check if you enough space for the input jack since it's stereo (on my EMGs it was anyway)

You get everything you ned with them (pots, wire, screws, jacks and springs)

Also on mine I had to get a 3-way switch instead of a 5-way since they aren't coil tappable, but you wont have that problem with an SG.