My fretboard is getting really dirty, ive heard using 0000 steel wool and lemon oil is good for this, is that true? or is there a better way to care

I'm not quite sure, but one thing I do know is that it matters what kind of wood the fretboard is made of. One of the three most common woods (maple, rosewood, ebony) had a no-no rule about using lemon oil on it, but I can't recall which one (read the thing on Guitar World's tech questions page some time ago).

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Lemon oil is great for cleaning the residue off of fretboards. If you want to hydrate it, try linseed oil.
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Use very fine steel wool to clean your fret wires, and use lemon oil for the frets.
I tend to use furniture polish for the body and neck and it works out fine.
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ive got a rosewood fretboard

Use lemon oil then, it´ll clean it up real nice.
Planet waves also has finger board conditioner called Hydrate that works really well.
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For a rosewood board - Lemon oil or boiled linseed oil (I prefer this) will keep the board from drying out, you only need a tiny bit, one drop on a piece of cloth should be enough to do half the fretboard.
If there is crud on the board around the frets, an old soft toothbrush is great for loosening it up, or a piece of cloth, with your fingernail under it, if its stuck around the frets.
I did not think lemon oil was safe on maple fretboards - at least the oil I have says not to treat maple with it.

Great for ebony and rosewood though.
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how should i go about just getting general grime off it? i hear 0000 steel wool is great
just steel wool or very fine sand paper work for me, assuming there's no finish on it.
if there's finish, just use a little bit of guitar cleaning fluid on a cloth and rub.

i only use lemon oil every once in a long while.
don't use lemon oil on a maple board.
rosewood boards are naturally oily, and shouldn't really need more.
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how should i go about just getting general grime off it? i hear 0000 steel wool is great

The steel wool would be ok to polish up the frets, but I would not use it on the fretboard unless (re)finishing. In fact, when doing the frets, be carefull to not touch the fretboard and get scratches across the grain.

You should be able to get it clean with a cloth and spit or cloth and lemon oil. littlephil posted good info above...
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