Let me first introduce myself, my name is Ruben I play bass. Joined UG to become a better player through tips from other players. Details are in my profile.

I have been playing bass for almost 2 years now, I'd say I've become pretty good.
But my slapbass skill needs some improvements. Does any of you guys know some great tunes to start off with. I already can play all of the Chili Peppers slap bass songs as they are not too hard. So I figured I needed something more difficult, thought you guys might have some ideas. I will try to upload the outcome to receive maybe some tips and hints =)

Oke Primus it will be :P
But now I need some songs, because I dont ehh really know Primus...
Start with Jerry was a race car driver
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Tommy the cat is a good song too
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E-Son to OldiebutNewbie
E-Brother to Andrea55
E-Brother to guitarxo
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Ok, I'm gonna go for Tommy The Cat =)

Cause the other song, I dont have that many frets :P
Thanks Bro!
Are you just learning to slap because Tommy the Cat is a bit out there when you're just getting the hang of slap.

Too many Puppies is dead easy. Golden Boy is another good one--its not hard but getting the timing locked can be a bit of a challenge.

Also for other suggestions see:


The lesson's a good read as well.
Why are you guys recommending Primus to start off? Tommy the Cat at that too.

I'd say try the beginning of Pleasure by Glide. It's fairly simple (obviously until you get to the middle and stuff...)
+1 for Pleasure by Glide. One groovy bassline.

Have a go at Too Many Puppies, it's a good one to start off for Primus. Then I'd suggest Tommy the Cat and Lacquer Head once you get more competant. Lacquer Head's pretty tough to pick up by yourself, but there's one or two really good tutorials on Youtube.

Check out Level 42 for some great slapping too. One or two of the songs aren't too hard either.
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