Try them, if you can do them, they are easy, if you can't do them, they are hard.

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They're pretty challenging alright, but if you're familiar with Randy's style, you should be fine with some practice. I'd say 8.

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it really depends what type of stuff we're taking into account. I'd personally give it a 7 and a half but Paul Gilbert would give it maybe a 2.
well I tried and I cant even finish the first phrase of the first solo properly lol

I don't think it matters what level your at mate. If you wanna learn it and are happy to put in the time to practice it you'll do it!
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well I tried and I cant even finish the first phrase of the first solo properly lol

He's doing a lot of repeating licks at over 10 NPS, it isn't exactly beginner stuff, especially since there are also alternate picked runs.
Difficulty is relative. How good are you? Compared to something like Altitudes or Selkies, Mr. Crowley is maybe a 4-6. Compared to Smells Like Teen Spirit, it's more like an 8-10. I'd put it closer to a 4 than an 8 myself, but you aren't me. If you can't handle it, slow it down and practice it until you can play it at full tempo. Use a metronome, practice it slowly, build speed slowly.

Just keep this in mind: everything's a 1/10 at 40 bpm (beats per minute).
1 if you can do it 10 if you can't. That's all there is to it.
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I didn't find the solo's too hard to learn, I'd rate them at about a 7 and I'm not that good in my opinion.
it's just a matter of your playing style compared to randy rhoad's
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Your all liars... if the solos for Mr. Crowley are so easy than why is there ONE person who can play it in perfect time on all of youtube, considering how many people can play the fastest Racer X and dethklock runs all over youtube...

The funniest part is the cover im talking about is done by a girl. All the other ones I have seen are way out of time. For shame...