This thread contains a poll about a question about guitars, but I think is Pit Worthy

Poll: In theory, which is 'lower'?
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C# Standard
0 0%
Drop B
5 100%
Voters: 5.
A friend and I were recently discussing guitar tunings when we came across an interesting question.

I consider, for example, C# standard to actually be lower than drop B, due to all the strings but the low E are tuned lower. And my friend says Drop B is lower, since it allows access to that low B note. I understand his reasoning but I feel the overall lower tuning of C# Standard has factors that make it actually lower in a roundabout sense.

Out of curiosity and for the sake of gits and shiggles I have decided to see the Pit's opinions. Which do you believe to be actually lower and why?

I recognize that this may sound like I'm a 13yr old br00talz!1! kid but that's not the case.
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Drop B is lower brah..
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i think drop z is the lowest.
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Open C is heaviest.
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inb4 close.

drop B
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