Ive been play for about 9 months and i cant really tap at all so do you guys got any ideas i thought probably hammer ons on pull offs would be good but what else
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check out some lessons on youtube, and don't give up. i've been playing for 3 years and i only learned how to tap on my 2nd year.. :P :P

youtube= answer for everything..
cut your nails and hit the string dead center . It takes time to get used to it. Also its harder to tap on guitars with medium frets or guitars with high action. So tapping is better done with jumbo fretted guitars for beginners. Hope this helps.

Take a scale, tap out different degrees in different patterns - make your own up. This will also help you get to grips with where the notes are on the fretboard (if you don't already know) and will help you recognise where your scales are.
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Even though it's pick tapping, which is basically the easiest way to tap, you have to know what you're doing to some degree first.

I'd start with looking at some lessons here on UG or youtube or various other places on the internet, then working on a basic legato lick with a couple slow taps. Something like:

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