Well for over the years I`ve went from listening Keane to Meshuggah but there is still a lot in between. I don`t really like screams and not too much grunting or drums that only do that typical Death Metal rythm (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJJHk4hSFB4&feature=related)

Stuff I like, with albums between brackets:

Keane (Hopes and Fears, Under the Iron Sea)
Muse (especially Origin of Symmetry and Absolution)
Mastodon (Crack The Skye)
Meshuggah (obZen)
Coldplay (A Rush of Blood To The Head and other stuff)
The Butterfly Effect (Final Conversation of Kings)
Porcupine Tree (Fear of a Blank Planet)

And some stuff from:
Audioslave, RATM, Machine Head, Moby, Incubus, a bit OneRepublic, Pendulum, Prodigy, Queens of the Stone Age, a bit of Radiohead and even some Slipknot, SOAD
and Jamiroquai.

So I like a lot of rock and some metallish things but not the classic stuff such as Guns n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Jimi Hendrix. And I have some against 'easy' music, like Am - G - C songs, (though a simple headbanging rock riff can do the trick ) and I don`t really like punk...
And not too heavy metal stuff (though exceptions as Meshuggah can be made)
I can also enjoy listening some jazz now and then and techno/trance, some classic music. But good recommendations outside the box are also considered.

So ideas? I still have to check out some Tool and Buckethead but any other recommendations?
It really depends on where your musical tastes are at the moment, i.e. I wouldn't have really liked Primus last month, but now I really enjoy them. So yeah... Primus! They also have some connection to Buckethead.
Between The Buried And Me. Always an excellent band to get into.

Start with their newer stuff (i.e. "The Great Misdirect" and "Colors") and then maybe move on to their older, heavier stuff ("The Silent Circus", "Alaska"). While they are a progressive metal band, there is SO much more going on in every bit of every song that a person looking for non-simple band to get into will probably love.
I recommend cacophony. Listen to The Ninja, Concerto, and Speed Metal Symphony. Jason Beckers solo stuff is awesome too, especially Altitudes.
explosions in the sky, godspeed you! black emperor, rosetta, circle takes the square, and of course, la dispute.
Type your favorite bands into Last FM and go from there.

That's the way I find most of my music.
Quote by Duffman123
Type your favorite bands into Last FM and go from there.

That's the way I find most of my music.


Although, I will recommend Frank Zappa.
Comedy and great guitar playing.

the actual song portion doesn't start until around 1:25.
Then there's the 3 minute guitar solo