Ok, I have been playing guitar for about four months now, primarily electric. I love rock and, since playing, have developed an infatuation for the blues.

I really have no means of feedback since I'm in a new town and don't know any musicians yet, and am unable to do lessons at the moment. So, I was just wondering if some accomplished players could give me some advice at my progress...

I currently can play most open chords smoothly, and am starting to play all barre chords smoothly, yet still having trouble quickly transitioning between barre and open. I know all of the pentatonic scales in every position. I practice soloing a lot cause it gets me hard, especially to blues. I am currently learning Stairway to Heaven, and have learned all, except the second half of solo.

I understand this forum is extremely self-serving, but others may have some questions answered as well. So humor me please........
What I do is this: I hear a song I think I might be able to play, find a tab for it, sit down with the CD player and guitar in my lap and just keep playing along with the song to work out the strumming pattern.

And sometimes it's just fun to find something easy to play in say Drop D and just rip straight through it. You don't really learn much but it's fun.
It's better to find songs you don't think you can play. You'll learn faster by tackling challenging songs rather than ones you think you can do already :P
Ok thank you....

Practicing is what I will keep doing.

Ultimately I just want to **** the guitar to make it moan.....