Hey all,

Basically I have a 4x12 and I want to replace the 2 V30's that are in there. They are good speakers and all but they just aren't really doing what I want them too. So naturally I decided to replace them.

The other 2 speakers I have in there are 2 Celestion G12k 100s which I love. My amp is a Bugera 333xl.

I've been doing alot of research on it and I think I might throw a pair of the Swamp Thangs in there. Is this a mistake?

I should mention that I do play metal. I want a bigger sound out of my cab and I think the V30's are holding what I want to do back.
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.
Not sure the Swamp Things would be the best for metal. I have a 2x12 with a Texas Heat and a Red Coat Governor in it. I think it sounds great. Try to check out as many sound clips of them as possible.

I play mostly metal too btw.
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Get an EQ in the loop.

You'll be glad you did.
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Death-Speak - Yea I've read in some places that it might not be the best but I wanna try -em out as the features on them seem like theyd fit what I do very well. I haven't made a final decision or anything yet though. It just seems that they would fit well.

theraven - I actually do have an MXR 6-band in there. The part is lacking from my tone isn't a lack of eq-ing, it definitely seems to be the speakers.
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.