I've seen those from time to time on ebay...
most of them were by a company called "galveston" which doesn't sound too familiar...

well I gotta admit those are pretty cool looking and I would like one in my collection if they are decent...

the question is, i kinda can't shake the feeling that it's mostly looks and rather lacking on tone... how does an acryl body sound compared to common tone woods??
If anything I heard they are super freakin heavy, but that's about all I know about them
(I guess they would be pretty low on maintenance as they probably don't change as much as woods do with temperature and humidity)

I suppose since Steve Vai has some, but those are all like special, limited models.

Not to mention this galveston company makes em all the more suspicious...
(which makes me wonder, btw, are there any decent acrylic guitars by more trusty brands?)
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My cousin has a yellow acrylic les paul made by Galveston, it looks pretty cool, with all the electronics visable, but I hate the thing.

You got the heavy part spot on, they weigh an absolute tonne, but at least you don't get neck dive, because its from the body. As to what type the pickups are, I never thought to ask him, nor check it out, but I know theres a panel you can unscrew on the back, and relying on acrylic and passives would be a pretty bad plan, I think.

Because its a Chinese made knock off brand, the pickups, fretwork and general quality is pretty awful, and I even cut myself on one of the frets of my cousins guitar, because the manufacturor left a small sharp bit of metal sticking off the edge, and as I slid up the neck, it sliced into my hand. Plus every time I play it, a string seems to snap viciously at me.

They do look quite cool, but thats the only semi decent thing about them, IMO. I own a second hand flying V copy, by the same company, that my mate messed around with for a bit, and it sounds really nice for lo-fi bluesy stuff, like White Stripes, and even a bit of Stones once in a while, so I'm not sure its the company, just a poorly executed design.