Anyone ever actually listen to this guy's music? I had not up until just this year. I had seen him on Pimp My Ride and he always came off as this goofy guy so I assumed he was like a worse version of Eminem.

However, actually taking time to listen to his music, he actually has some really good songs.

Hey does have the "gangsta" lyrics but I really like the beat and some songs are really catchy.

Heart of Man
My Name [ft. Nate Dogg, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg]
Get Your Walk On

Anyone else like this guy?
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xzibit is nice. I'm not wicked familiar with his music, but he's got some decent technical skill and good beat selection. he's a notoriously gifted freestyle rapper. plus he was bomb in 8 mile.
check out the song X. sick dr. dre beat, guest hilarity by snoop dogg in the outro.
hes quite good on prince amongst thieves but never really heard any of his other stuff
I kinda stopped listening to rap around the time that Xzibit blew up, but I dug a lot of the shit that he did with Tha Alkaholiks back in the day.
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