So, for Christmas, I think I'm going to get my best friend a bass and an amp; he's been talking about wanting to learn bass ever since we were roommates, and I've even shown him a few things, but he really needs a bass if he's going to do anything(obviously). So, I've got the bass picked out(Squier VM P-bass), but I'm looking for an amp. He's a big fan of old rock and roll and a lot of post-punk stuff. Any suggestions? Love the guy but I'd like to keep the amp small and relatively inexpensive(say, under $300 American).
Look at what Kustom has to offer, or look used for a KBA10, fantastic little amp. Or you could give the Acoustic B20 or Peavey MAX amps a looks. None of those should run you too much at all.

If you want to push that $300 budget, you could get him an Acoustic B100, which would be powerful enough for band practice and not just bedroom playing.
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Hmm. Well now I'm really considering the B100. His girlfriend IS a drummer, after all, so something that can keep up's not a bad idea.
I got a Fender Rumble 60 (great amp beautiful sound) for 219 buck free shipping... one hell of a deal from musiciansfriend.com

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