I used to have an Epi Black Beauty 2 years ago but I sold it to fund a Gibson Les Paul. Even though I love my Gibson(s), I've missed that guitar terribly ever since. So recently I bought a new one.

I got it from American Musical supply. One of their guitar with case for $799 deals.

First of all...... the case is a Gator Les Paul case and it's the BEST Les Paul case I've ever seen short of a flight case.

It's cut out for a Les Paul and has great support for the back where the neck join is. Also it's a nice snug fit and the guitar is held in place very firmly when in the case.

I'd love to buy these cases for every Les Paul I have!!

As far as the guitar......... when I first got it out of the box the action was a mile high, too much neck relief, and it absolutely felt like CRAP!

But I was able to lower the action and tighten the truss rod no problem and it felt much, much better.

However....... with the action nice and low, there is some excessive fret buzz. It's not audible when plugged into an amp....... but unplugged it's pretty annoying.

So I will be doing a good fret level, crown, and polish soon. But it's not urgent as the guitar is very playable and sounds great with no fretting out.

Also....... as much as I love stock Epiphone pickups........ they were just too muddy in this guitar. So I quickly installed a set of Burstbucker PROs I had in my parts drawer. I installed them in the neck and bridge positions, but left the middle pickup stock.

Burstbucker PROs are just what the doctor ordered for this guitar. They brightened it up perfectly. Now it's almost too bright...... but if I roll back the volume and/or tone controls just a tad I get huge warm phat tone with just the right amount of bite.

Only one other little problem is the bridge rattles sometimes. It's not audible when plugged in, but sort of annoying when un-plugged. So I ordered a GFS bridge for $20. I'll put that on there and should cure the rattle.

Overall....... this guitar has GREAT tone. It really sounds just like a Gibson. Not only that, it feels almost exactly like my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Not exactly, but almost. It has a very luxurious uptown feel to it.

This guitar is SMOKIN'!! Plays great. Looks great. And most importantly sounds great!

Once I level, crown, and polish the frets and install the GFS bridge, this thing will be absolutely PERFECT.


simple as that

it's beautiful
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Very nice guitar man. Seen some of your youtube vids and posts on other forums. You've got a tasty collection there pal.
I am jealous of your guitar, both Gibson and Epi's Black Beauty's are nothing short of beautiful and all of amazing
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This is my dream guitar, it looks awesome!

Have fun with it

Is it hard to level the frets by yourself? I suppose you remove the strings first, then use sandpaper? The action on my les paul is also higher than I want it to be.
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