There are alot of amazing covers on here. I'm wondering if anyone would send me (email) some of their covers. Preferably those by Arch Enemy, Trivium, All That Remains, Chimaira, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage. If ANYONE is willing to share, that would be great. I want them for practising purposes (vocals) I need them for messing around with my recording program. They won't be posted up anywhere online, without permission. I could use the vocal remover, but it lessens the quality of the music. I want those covers that are the whole band minus the vocals. Even if the drums are done with a digital program.

IM me is you are willing to share, THANX!
I've got covers of:

AC-130 - Acttack, Attack!
...One More Time - August Burns Red version
and a metal cover of Toxic

Probably not what your looking for lol
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Go to my profile and check the cover that I made of Trivium's the Deceived. If you like it PM me so I can send you the track.
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I can send you the Studio mixing tracks for all of the wrath album by lamb of god if you pm me your email adress.

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