So I have this old beat ass guitar, I bought it used almost 20 years ago.... so the guitar is probably close to 25-30 years old. It was my first guitar. I played the shit out of it for years. I passed it down to my son as his first guitar when he became interested in playing.

I know it is probably worth zero to someone looking to buy a guitar (it was not top of the line guitar to begin with). But to me it is priceless.

The guitar was all original factory parts, but played ok. But, the G had a lot of buzz. and it went out of tune with the slightest bend or use of the tremolo. So I put a graphite nut on it (I followed the directions very carefully and sanded and adjusted to the proper string highth). I am not a guitar tech by any means. But the nut was in bad, bad shape. So I replaced it. I figured for 12 bucks how could I go wrong??. Well, ever since the G string is totally dead from about the 5th fret to the 22nd. I don't get it...

I am basically ready to take it into the local shop and have them give it a redo... New pick ups (nothing really great) either Dimarzio true velvets or seymore ssl-1 or ssl-5 for the neck and mid. and a Dimarzio norton or Air norton for the bridge. Complete setup and whatever else it may need. I figure just about any new modern day pick up would be better then the 30 year old pickups currently in it???

I am kind of nervous they may say it needs refretted... is that common practice that is something any tech could do??? is it expensive?? or is there maybe something else causing my g string to be totally dead?? I really want to get this guitar back to playable status. I do not expect it to be the nicest guitar out there or my main player, but I want it to be respectable again... something I can piss around with for old times sake. NOT counting the pickups... does it sound like something possible to do for a couple hundred or less??
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What kind of guitar is it?

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It is a Westone spectrum II I am pretty sure. I think an 87-89. I am not positive but based on internet research that is what I come up with. I know its no fender or gibson, but like I said the sentimental value is priceless.
The price of a refret can range anywhere from $100 to $400. But if there is still plenty of metal left on the frets I doupt that they would say its need a refret instead of just a fret level. One think it could be is that either the slot for the G string may be too low or the G string saddle is too low. Check the neck too cause it possible the neck may have warped or a combination of any of those mixed with a neck that has a back bow.
I learned to play on a westone, idk the model but it was a 89, it looked like a Jackons dinky, reversed headstock, HsH pickups, Floyd rose, ebony frettboard, orangish/red kinda burst looking finish. idk what ever happened to it, sorry i cant help abotu ur tech problem, but i thought i would say something about that. =D
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So the notes open through 4 on the G string still play OK? You might be able to get past this with some adjustments to the guitar but if not the frets aren't 100% level with one another.
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