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Im in a metal/metalcore/death metal band and im looking to buy a decent head for gigging. Now I have been looking for a while, and finally i have got some money to buy something with. I was originally set on getting a Bugera 6262, but after speaker to people about it they keep giving me horror stories about how they bought one and it broke in 2 weeks. It just makes me worry. So i thought id ask you awesome people if you knew any alternatives of if Bugera would be the way forward.

Budget: £500

Cab - if you could recommend a cab to go with it that would be helpful (dont worry about the price of it, because my dad is possibly going to buy me the cab if i buy the head)

Must have enough gain/distortion to play metal! Eg. Machine Head, Behemoth, Caliban.

Thanks in advance guys!
You could probably find a used Peavey 6505 for that price. There's also the 112 combo version of the 6505 which is about £450 new, but I don't know if it's the exact same amp as the head. It's worth a try, though.
Bugera will be fine... The problems were back up until spring of '09... If you get one build afterwards then you'll be good.
All that went wrong with the originals was that a transistor would melt cause it was made of cheap plastic or something along those lines... They're fine now... Mine works like a charm
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I really like the 6505 112, I cut mine into a head for the best head under $600 IMO.
burgera, jet city jca100h, used peavey 6505 or if youre lucky used krank revs. friend got a first generation rev for 700 american.
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My Bugera has worked flawlessly for the past year.

Even if it does decide to crap out, there's always warranty.
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Played the Peavey 6505+ 112 [but not head] and it was meTulZ up yo' ass!! Clean wasn't very good but for what you seem to be looking for it's perfect :P
Could also check out blackstar amplifiers, they are pretty tasty.
if your worried about the 6505+ 112 combo being to small and not loud enough, dont. that things a beast and can go loud as f*ck
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but i highly doubt that engl will go for 500
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that laney would be a good buy,

especialy with a good boost and nice 212 cab...

the ENGL will go for more or he will pull it i reckon.

seriously check out the HD147 though, great amp for metal, its not tube but a top spec modeler...

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