I've just quit my drumkit lessons as I felt I wasn't really learning anything - just sight-reading which led to playing along to a song every week.

Anyway I'm going to continue teaching myself to play the drumkit - my parents advised me to buy a book to learn from/aid my learning. So here I am.

Does anybody here play the drums and have a book they'd recommend? And what sort of questions should I be asking myself in order to buy the correct book for me?
Dude, I never took a lesson in my life, and I'm like one of the best drummers in my town. Alls I did was take songs and listen to them and be like, oh man, that's pretty cool way of doing things, if it had a really different beat, and I find it taught me to play a lot more technical stuff then just that simple 4/4 beat.
yea i never took drums lessons either..i just picked up a pair of sticks and went to town. once you learn the basics, all you need is practice.
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I actually started drum lessons at the start of this year, but unfortunately the teacher I found was new and a bit under-prepared, so I left him after about 10 or so lessons.

However I'm continuing to play, I have a book (at uni now so I'll post the name of the book later) which is great for learning to sight-read for drums, whilst also giving you A LOT of practice beats and fills which slowly increase in difficulty.

Beyond the book though, my girlfriend whom I live with also plays guitar, bass and drums and we have all those set up in our shed out back, so we take turns playing with eachother and making up beats on the drums while someone else plays. I have to say that drums make a hell of a lot more sense when you're playing with other musicians. Alternatively we jam with an Ipod hooked into some large speakers (also set up in the shed), but it really doesn't have the same feel.

Also paradiddles with a metronome help drastically.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.