I need good jazz songs to play on the bass.... (ooh wow i dont have my bass listed in my equipment) anyway yeah jazz songs good ones i can find like sheet music online
well sheetmusic/tabs if you can cause im gonna translate it to tabs if i can... but that way ill be able to practice it easier.
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Aside from specific arrangements, you're not going to find many jazz charts with specific notation. The most common form is lead sheets in which only the chords and melody are documented. Bassists are expected to supply improvised lines. The most basic approach is the walking quarter note bass line:

1st note on the root
2nd note on a chord tone
3rd & 4th on extensions and chromatic notes that lead to the root of the next chord

Practice on some of the easier tunes first such as Autumn Leaves and All The Things You Are.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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