Hey, ive recently found an old strat copy lying around, and decided to have some fun.

Im down to the Alder body, and i want a natural finish, with a kinda glossy professional look... heres a photo of what i mean:

Im assuming its just many coats of lacquer ?

Any tips of where to look for help would be very much appreciated, im kinda new to refinishing. Thanks!
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It's probably polyurethane. And yes, many coats. Sand it down ultra-smooth (use 400 grit to finish), and apply a sealer. Sand that with 400. Apply another coat of sealer. Sand that one with 800 grit. Spray with poly, sanding with 800 grit, until you have 4-8 coats. Make sure you spray lightly and evenly, and allow a LOT of time for drying between coats.

The trick is to use a lot of light, even coats to get a shine. If your coats are too thick it will be just as protective, but the finish will look foggy and dull. If your coats are WAY too thick, they will not be hard.

Personally, I prefer a hand-rubbed lacquer with a stain. It's not as protective and it's more work, but I feel it looks, feels, and sounds much better. I did that to a cheap strat copy as a practice run, and I swear it's lighter and sustains longer now. It's also more prone to belt buckle rash though.
google search the hell out of 'tung oil' and 'tru oil', also


it's funny, i'm actually in the same possie as you right now. trying to figure out how to go about a natural finish haha

good luck
You could also use Tung oil.
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Use tung oil. Easier to get great results.
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