great stuff.so atmospheric and so epic.like very much Oblivius and With quiet disreguard.my opinion that the songs needs more work with the principal melodic line,more synth or more solo on guitar,but it is just my opinion. greetings,man

crit my songs,please
Critting "Circle" as I listen:

Intro is okay, but not really interesting. The drums are a nice touch.

For the section starting at bar 33, I feel like the drums should play something simple, instead of just completely stopping; as a drummer, I'd personally go with something on the bell of the ride cymbal, with a small amount of bass drum added in.

I'm liking the melodies that are adding in, but this piece feels like it's moving too slowly.

The part starting at bar 73 was a good idea, and it transitions well into the "calm" part.

I like the bass part; it adds depth to it.

This piece seems to have dropped the slow, dragging pace it had before; it's developing pretty well now.

I'd keep the closed hi-hat going through the part starting at 169.

Overall, I don't like how slow it starts off, but for the most part, it's a great piece.