Hi guys;

I've recently finished recording my EP - there's a link to my Facebook page, and a download link. It's kind of homebrew, I hope to record it properly one day. I'd be grateful if you gave some, or all of it a listen and critiqued it... I'll be happy to give something back in return too :3

If you want my input, the songs I'm most proud of are Stupour and Oblivious. I think Circle needs the most work.

Thanks in advance,
Even though my iMac is less than one year old, I usually struggle with the facebook music player. I recommend putting your songs in soundclick.com or your profile here. I think I'm listening to "Circle" now, it's the only one I could get to play. Audio quality & playing are quite good. Guitar tones are very good, electric bass sounds good too. Wouldn't mind hearing some good vocals on this. Melodies are all sounding very good. Double-tracked rhythm guitar is sounding very good. Very good recording!! Please review my music at this link: