I have searched everywhere for this topic, but found nothing.

So, what are a few things every music garage/band room should have?
amps, instruments, a PA system, an active band, talent, creativity, the possibility of failure, more then likely some sort of drug/alcohol, etc..
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You guys love being assholes don't you?

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Fridge, dry erase board, Instruments, Stereo, "Moving Pictures" on vinyl.
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You guys love being assholes don't you?

learn to laugh at yourself or gtfo of the Pit.
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minifridge +1
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Probably video games or whatever other kind of entertainment you like. Practicing for hours at a time can get tiring.

Oh, also some sort of CD/MP3 player with a speaker system.

Finally, a massive collection of porn.
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A bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones taken out.
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+100000000 mini fridge, ours is awesome. Also lots of fans, it gets freaking hot when your playing hard.
-1 video games, that just encourages lazyness. The games should at least be in a different room.
Any kind of snack food is always good.

Also, yeah dude, its the pit. Nobody's serious here.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

BEER, Ronnie James Dio poster, Mountain Dew, nd some bitches
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Drinks, phone book (for speedy ordering of pizza), computer (for speedier ordering of pizza), phone (for speediest ordering of pizza ), paper, pencils, whiteboard/erase markers if you want, places to sit, posters, stereo, music.

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Vast assortment of gear, computer, couch, fridge.
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Band members
places to sit
recording equipment
food and drink
mini fridge for said food and drink
internet access
holes in the wall
occasionally fans (in the "person" sense, or the "air mover" sense)
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4 bottles of malt vinegar, a briefcase filled with those tiny samples of toothpaste, a monkey named "Don", Clorox disinfectant wipes, lava lamps, strobe light, an empty canvas and art supplies, a wooden table, fluffy tan blankets, Christmas tree lights strung around the room and a moose head.
screw instruments, computers, manuscript, mics, amps etc.

Just get lots and lots of drugs and imagine you're surrounded by friends playing amazing music.
Guitar stands
Mic stands
Seating (couch, stools, whatevs)
Tools for changing strings/other repairs
TV and possibly games console for those times when the drummer is being an asshole and everyone needs a break.
Dry erase board
Leather belt for when your band mates **** up
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cocaine and heroin.

at once.

best of both worlds man.
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A PA system for vocals, backing tracks, and listening to music.
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