Was browsing through some websites the other day and i found this comic. For some reason i found it extremely comical, probably due to Donald's facial expression and i wanted to see what the pit could do with it!

This one is not OC

Here is a template:

And here is my first attempt

I've seen this face quite a bit before. I think it's already a meme.
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I've seen this face quite a bit before. I think it's already a meme.

It is. It's called Uncle Dolan.
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This is shit.

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I smell no potential. But still, if I get an idea I'll post one
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lol I wish I knew how to post pics in these forums

Like that.
u got this from /b didnt u,

anyways, there is huge potential with this pic, this thread is juts full of those idiots that appear in every shoop thread, gtfo we dont want u here either.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

Nope, got it from 9gag.com. I've seen a couple of good ones around so do know that it has potential, but just wanted to see if the pit could come up with some good original content. Apparently not
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not mine but...

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shit shoopthread is shit.
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If that's some OC, I applaud you:

You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore