So get this. Two days ago when I was last using it---played just fine. Nothing had been changed. I played for but five minutes on it. Plugged into same outlet, didn't disconnect/connect anything new up.

Today, I come in and try to turn it on. Nothing powers up, the powerlight doesnt light up.

What could possibly be wrong with it?
Doesn't look broken, if youre talking about the wire that's in the middle of the tube-thing.
There could be more than one fuse and I'd replace that fuse that looks good anyway. See if you can find out where the other fuses are without killing yourself (meaning getting shocked). If you don't know where to start with this then take it to an amp tech. Sorry.
Outlet isn't the problem since it powered my bass amp just fine. I tried a different power cord, didn't do anything.....so outlet and power cable are definitely not it. Could be the socket of the amp...or maybe it's just as you say and the fuse, while looking just fine, is actually broken. Note that the fuse that I'm talking about is the power amp fuse.

But what could possibly break when all the amp has been doing since I last played was just sitting there?
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Blown fuse!

If it ends up being the fuse, what on earth could have caused it to blow, if you take into account the circumstances I wrote down?
fuses blow for lots of reasons including age. they are super cheap. get some. watch your power tubes next time you power up. if they don't light up or light up SUPER bright then turn the amp off and take it in.

B52 are not made of the greatest quality either - it could be something else
Well, gents, interesting update.

So, I finally got my hands on a spare, brand new pair of fuses. Replaced the fuse in the amp. And it STILL won't turn on. What could be wrong now?
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^ what he said

Well, power cable and wall outlet are out as Ive tested with other ones.
I believe there's the one power amp fuse that's removable without taking apart anything....and I think perhaps a fuse where the power cable goes in?