I was having a discussion with a (Christian) friend on religion, and I mentioned Secular Humanism. Which he said doesn't really count as a religion. Which then got me to thinking, what about certain schools of Buddhism, like Zen Buddhism. Can those be considered religions, even without the worship of a deity.

"Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe."
don't want to come off as a d*ck but theres a thread for this!

but on topic it is an intereseting question but with so many opinions on religion it would be impossible to answer and hard to debate without ppl getting pissed!
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They are still religions as they encourage belief in something that can't be proved. In the case of Buddhism these things are reincarnation, karma etc.

Also, use the religion thread.
Religion thread.
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