ok, so about a month ago i took my emg-81 out of my jackson and threw it in my bc rich, worked great but decided to throw it back in the jackson. After throwing the 81 back in my jackson along with the 85 and pa-2 for some reason i am now picking up a local hd radio station. Any way to stop this without using a noise suppresor? its coming in quite faint considering the volume level of the amp. Thanks, any help is appreciated
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And the radio seems to only be heard when the volume on my guitar is at 0, or unless my amp is absolutely cranked and the volume is up
this is kinda funny, though completely strange, I sadly don't know how to fix it
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does it continue when you unplug the guitar cord?..something as simple as a dirty jack/socket connection can cause this.

a bad tube is annother option
Are you sure its not the cable you are using. Cheap cables are far more likely to pick up signals of radio frequency.