Ok, so I've got about $300 to spend on recording. I plan on recording mostly guitar and bass. I really need some help.
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Line 6 UX2 or the new MBox Mini, hell if you want, go used and find an Mbox 2.
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If you JUST need the interface, I'd go with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

Also see this list of videos. I have a $500 budget starter coming out soon but may also do a $300 version later today as for that price you can get a better interface than the one suggested on the $200 budget.
People love to complain...I've worked with the FTP at a local store and the preamp was plenty loud enough for things like a Shure SM57 on an acoustic guitar.
You cant use it with standard ProTools but must use it with the M-Powered version that was made by M-Audio. I run it on my old machine just fine using a 2496 PCI card. The only thing PT doesn't like is the new 64bit OS and I'm not even sure how it works on 32bit Windows 7 these days...

Everyone is going to run into an issue with an interface every now and then and when they do, they will find a forum to complain about their issue.
M-Audio is top gear for the price you pay. The fast tracks are brilliant. Personally I prefer to mic up to raw amp tone, rather than record direct with a cable, but that's when things start to get expensive. M-Audio is budget and quality compared to some of the shocking interfaces I have used in the past.