hey I just got a boss RC-2 loop station and I love it! Unfortunatly, I realized that I use the built in effect on my Spider III. So when i go to anything but clean, (distorion or delay) even the drum tracks along with all the other tracks that I've already recorded are disorted. I've done some research and it looks like you jsut can't do it with built in effect. But if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
But my real questino is this: I play in my church band through a POD XT live and i want to know how to use the distortion on it with my looper without distorting the drum track and also if I play one thing clean, and loop it I would like to be able to switch to distortion without distorting what has already been recorded. I'm pretty sure it's possible because i just watched a video of someone with the same POD and looper do it. any help or suggstions would be appriciated. thanks!
Hi I use an RC-2 with my Peavey Classic 30. Essentialally, if you don't want your distortion or effects to effect what you looped you have to put the looper after your effects. So put it after your Pod and you should be fine. If you want to use the effects in your amp, you're gonna have to put the looper in your amps effects loop so it comes after the distortion and stuff. I don't know if Spiders have effects loops so I don't know if this'll work for you. If you use it before your effects, it's like you're just feeding another guitar signal through your effects so that's why your loops get distorted. Hope I helped.
ok so what does after mean? would that be amp - pod - looper - guitar? or amp - looper - pod - guitar? basicly, which end is the begining and which is the end? i'm new to single effects pedals obviously lol
hey i jsut figured out how to do it with my pod. thanks! spiders don't have an effects loop though so i think i'm screwed in that catagory
Guitar-pod-looper-amp should work.......unless I'm missing something.
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