Hello forum junkies of the internet. I inquire your feedback on my situation that i am about to unfold.

We are a Metalcore 4-piece. It has come to our understanding and awareness that letting go of our drummer might be the best decision. Here are our reasons for thinking this:

1. He has a family and can't tour full-time
2. His skill level has platuead while the rest of us continue to grow musically
3. He is constantly unable to practice more than once a week, if that. Today we practiced with him first time in two weeks, he has a family and all this other necessary commitments that get in the way
4. He gets worn out way faster that we do.
5. He can't invest financially into the band.

Those are our reasons and it seems like letting him go and replacing him with someone better would be our best interest, but here is the catch.

We are about to finish the drum tracks of our EP in about a month

you are probably how old this guy is compared to us?
vocals 20
bass 20
guitar 18

Sounds weird, but it has worked fine until now.

We need advice on how to let him go, here are my questions
1. Should we tell him we are kicking him out before or after he finishes drums, he is the type of guy that would agree to finish, but idk if that is best
2. How do you tell one of ur best friends he's not in the band anymore with hurting friendships?
3. Should we all talk to him, or just one person with the band altogether?
4. Will you be our replacement drummer
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