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I've been looking to expand my pedalboard and get some unique effects in there. I'm growing rather tired of my DS-1 and BD-2, not that they were too much fun to begin with honestly haha.

What I'm looking for are pedals that can give me some unusual effects, but not unusual to the point where I'm sounding like a circuit-bent boombox (not that it doesn't sound awesome or anything haha). A good example would be the Boss RE-20 Space Echo or the DigiTech Whammy, both of which I'm GASsing for big time. Any suggestions?


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How about something a little more organic than a Whammy? Perhaps a Tremolo unit or a good old-fashioned Fuzz? Not exactly unique stuff, though, but they will expand your tone options quite a bit from standard distortion/overdrive tones.
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Really though, its how you use the effect. Learn to play around with things that are a bit less conventional (reverb -> distortion/fuzz is pretty easy and gives a pretty interesting sound) and you might just find some cool sounds hidden in your current rig
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Get a whammy and step sequencer, and do step flanging. Its amazing.

also MXR Blue Box, ZVex Fuzz Factory, Ring Modulator, Johhny Octave, Devi Ever Fuzzes, Deluxe Memory Man with Hazarai (infinite reverb ftmfw).WMD Geiger Counters are also cool.
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Deluxe Memory Man with Hazarai (infinite reverb ftmfw)

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Pigtronix and Moog both make some cool pedals. They are a little are to hard to work with but once you get the hang of them they are quite handy.

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i really love my voodoo lab proctavia. it is fuzz and an octave up. you can find them in the $70 range used on TGP all the time. its very different. the cool thing is that if you are looking for something weird, experament with intervals, some of them sound pretty odd.

the origional was used by hendrix on several songs.
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