I wrote and recorded this in a few hours, I like it.

It may or may not be, but definitely is for a girl.

Tell me what you think! And C4C, of course.

(It's in my profile btw)

EDIT: In order to stimulate more listens (23 views and 1 listen, lol) I will post a link to my profile!


EDIT2: Actually, I've realized that the song, for some reason, skips to the next one at around 50 seconds. I'm going to reupload it, hopefully that fixes it. Sorry, guys.
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your voice is great and I really like the whole feel of the song, especially the way that the guitar part flows, great job.
Nice song. Felt quite original, for in genre. Reminds me a bit of The Beatles, in some places. Solo came in very unexpected, but made sense when you got used to it. Some notes sounded a little off, though, could use just a little more work. Otherwise, not much to say. Production could obviously be improved, there's a lot of humming noise, but aside from that, rather solid.

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Thanks, I tried to be original despite the generic chord progression. And about the solo, it was an impulsive last minute add, I recorded it by using a vst moog and running the mouse over the virtual keyboard. I think it came out pretty good! And what are ya gonna do about the humming! Haha--its always there.

I'll give your song's a listen.
I liked the chord progression, and the playing is very tight and clear so kudos to that. Your vocal is very good, you have a very nice voice for acousticy music I think, suits. Song flows well and is well written. The solo was fine, sounded good. The humming can be fixed by using a noise gate, or just try recording in a quieter place?

I use a noise gate myself.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Really good song!

I think its pretty unique and you got a good voice. But there are some sloppy guitar parts and I think its worth fixing those. I also find myself wanting more chorus. Chorus is really good and I dont think it is long enough or enough times. Happy to see more than one chord progression though. I also think solo volume is too high. Thats why it seems to come out of nowhere. I couldn't even understand that last lyric when the solo came in.

Good job though, the song is well made.

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Yeah, there were a few slip-ups, but I don't think there was anything really worth re-recording.

A longer chorus I could do, I'll take a look at that for live performances.

As for the synth, maybe I put it too high. I just thought it sounded cool, haha. But it's supposed to come out of nowhere, anyway. And the last lyric was "me" if I remember correctly. :P

I commented on yours!