So I'm in grade 12, I have average to above-average grades (my average right now is around mid 80's). Anyways, me and some friends were caught drinking at a school dance, and we all got suspended for three days. That was the first time that i've ever been in trouble at all at school, let alone suspended.

Obviously universities are going to see this on my records, but do you think it will have a big impact on whether or not I'll get accepted? Im not applying to ivy league or anything, just some decent schools that I'd have a good chance of getting in. any help is appreciated
Oh god TS, what have you done? Consequences will never be the same.
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nope. Contrary to popular opinion, you can be an asshole all you like in highschool and get suspended 30 times. If you have the grades, universities don't give a shit. I've been told they don't even have ACCESS to personal record anyways.
You'll be fine.
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