I'm thinking about getting a small handheld recorder to carry around and record ideas and music on the go. I've thought about a mic + interface to the laptop, but that seems very cumbersome when i just want to record my own ideas. I've mainly looked at the Zoom H4 and Zoom H4n, both around 300 dollars, which seems very expensive. Any suggestions for other field recorders that are more around the 200 dollar range? I'm mainly looking for excellent sound quality, don't need video or anything like that. Although in-device mixing and multitrack like the H4 would be a big plus.
How about the TASCAM DR07?

It's nice and compact and has more than enough clarity for ideas. I think the Zoom H2 and H4 are better choices but yea the prices are up higher for those...

Our school sometimes uses the Zoom H4s to record audio while catching B-Roll of events around campus for the weekly sports recap broadcasts and they work wonderfully...the XLR jacks on the bottom are outstanding to have too. but once again, this is overkill for ideas on the run.