Hello, Im seeking some advice about blocking Floyd Rose tremolos. Specificly Ibanez Edge tremolos.

1- When you block it so that it can only lower pitch, can you just unlock the nut and turn the tuning pegs to change tunings without messing up the level of the bridge and intonation?

2- After a FR trem is blocked, can you change strings 6 at a time without screwing it up?

3- When you block a FR trem, when you change strings, do you have to still tune them like you would an unblocked FR?

The reasons I'm asking this (because I know I'll get a lot of coment saying to just get a fixed bridge guitar) is because I really would like an Ibanez guitar, but sadly they don't have as wide a selection in hard tails. Plus I would just like to know this.
1. yes, but to a degree if you were to go from E to Drop D sure but from E standard to D standard i wouldn't do so.

2. Yes

3. why do you mean specifically? If you mean tune in a certain order than no.
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Blocking it makes it a hardtail, except you can do dive bombs. Tuning is easier, except you have all the extra floyd rose style hardware to deal with, but if it's blocked, as long as you have enough spring pressure to keep it pulled back, you can tune it however you want. I'd personally leave the locking nuts on though and just keep an allen wrench in your guitar case, it takes like 2 seconds to drop tune and tighten it back up.

An easy way to block it, buy one of those variety guitar pick packs, take the picks you won't use, make them the size of the cavity between the bridge and the body(on the back of the guitar in the cavity), tape them together and put them in there. Reinstall your springs and you're done. Easy and cheap, and it takes a few minutes to reverse it.
Well thanks, the only thing I do to change tunning is Drop D... that pretty much it, and I guess I'll always have my SG Special for a backup... even if it's not the greatest. I think I will very much consider a Floyd Rose then...