Got my delicious Peavey XXX in for those that saw the thread the other day

Now, I'm in desperate need of a good cab.

I'm running through a Marshall MG 4x12 atm..not the worst but still....meh.
I'm thinking about downsizing to a 2x12.
I drive a Mitsu Eclipse so theres like noooo way the 4x12 fits in there.
A 2x12 will be good enough for band practice and shows?

I was thinking of ordering an avatar or emperor cab.

My band is like a heavy alt rock (very raw, heavy palm mutes low tuning stuff)
but on the side I also play shred tech, melo death, brutal death metal stuff.


a 2x12" is definitely enough to be heard in most every situation.

Avator or Emperor would be the best way to go.

maybe Orange? IMO Orange makes the best mass produced cabinet out there, plus you get that nice sexy tolex.
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i run an orange, it was expensive. cheaper to go avatar, and you get quite a comparable product imo (i saw their tour online, it's not bad manufacturing).

i personally like a 16 ohm cab, but an 8 ohm cab would be more versatile (8 ohm cabs are generally more common than 16). so you can get a 2x12 wired for 8 ohms, you also need 2 speakers, each with >60 watts power handling. you play super chunk chunk, you may want something like a couple G12K-100's, or a (1) G12K-100 and (1) V30.
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yeah oranges are rather expensive, which is why I hadn't listed it haha.

The quote I got from emperor for a 2x12 was $495.

Theres a special for the G212 Contemporary cab for about $400 with shipping.

Would it be worth the extra money to shell out for the emperor? BTW eminence vs celestion? As for the emperor eminence's are +$55 and celestions are +$125.
imo, celestion is overpriced. doesn't keep me from using them, but they are overpriced. eminence has too many speakers for me to become familiar with. eminence has many 'british' style speakers that are quite comparable to celestions.

as far as i know eminence speakers are made in the USA, and celestions are mostly made in china.

i'd go eminence if you can figure what'd go good. i have heard the cannabis rex, swampthing, patriot, man o' war, and ragin cajun are good ones. i'd ask some advice though.

i personally use weber celestion copies.
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."
So the question:

Avatar or Emperor?

I've got to wait for the parental consent of fund spending (gotta love it) so the g212 contemp special will probably be over so the prices
495 with stock weber speakers
+55 eminence
+125 celestion

429 with celestions
MC would probably say to go Emperor, he loves them cabs. I personally have a thing for Orange cabs, but they are a tad expensive. And Avatars are great too.

Honestly, if I were you I'd grab an Emperor if possible. MC makes them out to be the greatest cabs in the world (listen to his demo with the JCA20H) and I trust his word more than a lot of people on this forum.
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